2017 FIA IDC Tokyo - 3rd in Solo Run

Hong Kong driver Charles Ng finishes third in solo run and fifth in battle run at the inaugural FIA Intercontinental Drift Cup held in Tokyo from September 30 to October 1.  The FIA manages world-class races such as Formula1™, ok-replicak.com WEC™, WRC™, etc., this is the first time the FIA holds a world drifting championship.  Participating drivers had to be approved and accepted by FIA on the basis of past drifting achievements as qualified to represent their countries. Charles Ng is the only eligible driver from Hong Kong and scored an impressive 98.96 on his second solo run. He said ‘The car just arrived in Japan a few days ago and we did not have enough time to make adjustments to the car. The level of the drivers and cars here is exceptionally high. I am really happy that we achieved this result. Big thanks to my team! I just hope that we will have a small piece of land in Hong Kong to promote and practise drifting. I believe the level of driving will go up tremendously!’   Drifting competitions are currently held in more than 40 countries around the world. The age demographic of the audience is relatively younger than that of F1. Drifting is also easily accessible due to the fact that it does not require a big circuit. All that is needed is an open space and a car. FIA President Jean Todt said ‘The development of motorsports at the grassroots level is one of the key missions of the FIA and so here we are starting down the path to creating a new pyramid of progression in drifting.’    首個由國際汽聯(FIA)舉辦的世界級飄移盛事 FIA 洲際飄移杯 Intercontinental Drifting Cup (IDC) 已於9月30日及10月1日在東京台場結束。香港車手伍家麒於首回合賽事奪得賽事單走季軍及追走第五位。    FIA 作為 F1、WEC、WRC 等國際車壇盛事的舉辦方,今年以同一規格舉辦首個「FIA 洲際飄移杯」。賽委會經過一輪參賽車手資歷覆核及篩選,最後只接受了14個國家24位國家級賽事前三位車手參賽。伍家麒作為唯一獲認可的香港代表參賽,在單走環節以98.96分奪得季軍。他賽後表示戰車比賽前幾日剛從泰國運到日本,不夠時間做詳細調整,而賽事水平又極之高,藤野秀之、川畑真人、齊藤太吾等重量級日本冠軍車手技術不在話下,幾個俄羅斯冠軍車手的戰車裝備亦超班,所以對今次的賽果已非常滿意,但覺得還有空間可以做得更好。伍家麒亦表示希望香港將來能夠劃出一小塊土地作推廣飄移運動之用,同時亦可以作為自己的車隊基地,為日後的賽事做更好準備及做出更好的成績。    飄移賽事至今已於全球超過40個國家及地區舉行,觀賽人士年齡層比 F1 等賽事相對較低,而飄移運動入門亦相對容易,沒有車輛規格及賽車場地大小限制。FIA 有見及此,為了令賽車運動能夠更年輕化及普及化,及訂定更全面的賽車運動的安全守則,今年新增飄移賽事 IDC 大力拓展飄移運動,藉此增加大眾對賽車運動的興趣及知識,提高路上交通安全意識。FIA 主席 Jean Todt 在現場表示 FIA 非常重視發展飄移這種較「草根」的賽車運動,現在我們正在為全球的飄移賽事建立一個新的發展及進階藍圖,我們非常有信心未來會有更多人藉由飄移進入賽車運動。

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