Finished Top 8 in Formula D Seattle!

Wow, Seattle was a great weekend.

Made it all the way to Top 8 and had a good OMT battle with Ryan Tuerck! 

Seattle definitely had their crazy crowd, and glad to have signed lots of autographs and given away some signed used tires to the fans.

For those of you that didn't make it to the event, thanks for staying on livestream to show your support!

Now we are at 13th overall standing and leading the rookie of the year, here are the leading list of rookies and points after round 4, wish me luck!
1. Charles Ng (166.50 points)
2. Fredric Aasbo (134 points)
3. Dean Kearney (128 points)
4. Mad Mike Whiddett (73.25 points)
5. Dennis Mertzanis (72.75 points)
6. James Deane (61.50 points)
7. Nikolay Konstantinov (54.50 points)
8. Cyrus Martinez (48.75 point)
9. Jeff Abbott (24.25 points)
10. Andrew Picard (24.25 points)

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